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The VIO-GLO Show contains 3 wirelessly-controlled luminous elements programmed together in harmony - The Dress, The Violin & The Bow. The technology created by CuteCircuit, together with graphics programmed to music by Bubble and Squeak Entertainment, create a dazzling, automated spectacle using 1,352 multicolour LED lights. All 3 elements work independently and together, and the dress can display company logos, images and branding.


The VIO-GLO Dress is designed and created by fashion pioneers CuteCircuit, who have created wearable technology and high-fashion garments for Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger and U2 to name a few. The Dress comprises an inner sequin layer in tones of white and prismatic silver embroidered with white and Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals and translucent 3D printed appliqués, and a semi-transparent outer structure with full-colour LED panels applied to the front, taking fashion into the future. This is a bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece especially commissioned for our electric violinist, Sally Potterton.


As well as being spectacular to watch, VIO-GLO is mesmerising to listen to. Performing either a high-impact show or improvising over DJ, the UK's premier electric violinist lights up the room with show-stopping virtuosity and musical prowess. Our violinist is classically-trained to the highest degree and has performed around the world to CEOs and celebrities alike. Previous clients include Alexander McQueen, Rolls Royce and Dyson. Be prepared to take your guests on a sensory, musical journey into the future with spectacular technology.

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